Quinoa Moisturizing Oil

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  • A body oil rich in powerful ingredients and with anti-aging action.
  • It preserves the skin's moisture levels ensuring deep hydration.
  • Its nourishing formula, with purified drops of quinoa, forms a film on the skin that does not let water evaporate, protecting the skin from external actions such as the cold and the sun, maintaining hydration for longer and restoring vitamins and minerals to the skin; essential nutrients such as calcium, iron, omegas 3 and 6, and magnesium. 

  • Ideal for those who don't give up personal care and love to relax during the bath, it increases collagen production and reinforces the skin's elasticity, leaving it deeply hydrated and nourished with a better appearance and feeling of renewal.

  • Fast absorption
  • Easy-to-apply texture
  • Velvety and soft touch, without leaving sticky

    The result couldn't be any other, skin full of life!
    100% Vegan

  • 200ml