How a trip to Dubai inspired me to start ENDEAVOUR XE...

In 2015, I visited Dubai for the first time. 

19 years old me, travelling with family, was mesmerised by the views and sights. Everything looked amazing, different culture, foods, environment. 

But it was not until I went to see the biggest mosque in the city that something happened!

The moment I stepped out of the mosque, after having to dress up like an Arabic woman from head to toes for the first time in my life, there was this divine inspiration and confidence that I too can build something as great and internationally renowned just like that mosque. 

That day I received the vision of God for ENDEAVOUR XE, and I knew exactly where the foundation was rooted. I also spoke life into it and declared to those around me that by the age of 28, I would be a big entrepreneur and wealthy.

3 years later, I started the business informally while doing my Bachelors Degree in Law, with the assistance of my parents and a friend. Since then, through the multiple challenges on the way, we are still standing and growing by the grace of the almighty God. 

This story may be different than yours, but I hope it gives you hope and the inspiration to keep going!

With agapé love!

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